Got a question? Chances are it’s been asked before.


How much do you charge?

That’s not an easy question to answer, but probably less than you think. My pricing structure is based on an hourly rate for the estimated time I will be actually working on an outfit, plus the cost of the fabrics and other materials needed to create the finished garment. Generally, finer, more expensive, fabrics require specialist handling, so the time allowed for constructing a dress in fine silk would exceed the time needed for a similar dress in, say, fine cotton. However, my initial consultation, for a quote and sketch, is free, so why not book an appointment. You’ve nothing to lose.

How long does it take?

How long have you got? If you want me to make your wedding dress, I recommend booking at least 6 months in advance. Naturally, the dress itself does not take 6 months to make, but giving me as much time as possible allows me to shop around for fabric samples, as well as allowing for more fittings, and possible design changes. I can, of course, work to much tighter deadlines (and frequently do), but the shorter the delivery deadline, the less options are available.

Do I have to supply my own fabric?

As a designer, part of the service I offer is to source the ideal fabric for whatever outfit you have in mind, in the perfect colour. High Street suppliers in Ireland offer a very limited selection, whereas I have access to specialist wholesalers both in Ireland and in the UK.

I bought some fabric and a pattern. Could you make it up for me?

If you have a length of fabric that you would like made into an outfit, please book an appointment and I’ll be delighted to discuss design ideas. However, while I use paper patterns for my sewing classes, I don’t use them in the course of my design work. Commercial patterns are much better suited to home dressmaking, as getting a perfect fit often requires extensive alteration, and I offer a bespoke dressmaking service.

I have a photo of a dress I like. How much would it cost for you to make it for me?

While I’m happy to use photos from magazines or from other websites as the basis for an idea, I will not directly copy another designer’s work, particularly if it is from a current collection. As above, the cost of any outfit will depend on the time and materials involved in its construction.

I started making a dress, but I’m stuck. Could you finish it for me?

No, but I could help you. Why not book a one-to-one sewing class, and we’ll finish it together?

Do you do alterations?

I offer a full specialist wedding dress alteration service for length adjustments, bodice remodelling, bustling, etc., but for general alteration work, it would be more economic to approach one of the many alteration and repair studios in Ennis.

Would you make a dress for my daughter’s confirmation?

No. I work exclusively with women’s bridal and occasion-wear.

Could you replace the zipper on my husband’s trousers?

No. I work exclusively with women’s bridal and occasion-wear.