Custom dressmaking

Bespoke, made-to-measure, design


Whether you know what you want, or simply know what you don’t, bring along any sketches, cuttings or samples you may have. We will discuss your ideas and talk about the overall look you want to achieve.  Brigid will guide you through the most flattering styles and colours, possible fabrics and adornments, and take into account any other requirements you may have, in particular, the required delivery date and lead time for making up the outfit. Your first consultation is free.

From the sketch pad to reality

Under normal circumstances, following the initial consultation, Brigid will aim to get back to you with a sketch and a quote within seven days. If [and only if] you decide to proceed, a 50€ booking fee will cover the creation of a pattern and ‘toile’. The toile is essentially a mock-up of the basic elements of your outfit, in a cheap cotton such as muslin or calico, loosely constructed and made to your measurements. This allows you to better visualise and make any adjustments to the final design before she starts work on the dress proper. Once you are satisfied with the toile, a deposit of 50% of the agreed quote becomes payable. The balance of the cost is payable on collection of the outfit.

For all made-to-measure garments, the client will be required to attend an initial appointment at which a full set of measurements will be taken. Timing of the first and subsequent fittings will vary according to the agreed delivery date. In the case of wedding dresses, Brigid will normally book a final fitting not more than 4 weeks before the Big Day to check the fit and make any necessary final adjustments.

So what if you’re not sure where to begin? Don’t despair. Brigid has fashion books and magazines as well as Vogue and Butterick pattern catalogues and a comprehensive selection of fabric samples that can provide a useful starting point. She will be there to guide you, from concept to the realisation of your design, and you can be sure that the finished article will be a personalised garment, as unique and individual as you are.